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  Where our imagination ends Magic starts!  
A Services: To entertain you all we are providing variety of services
(For Royalty, charges and prices contact us on phone or email)

Type A: Magic Show –Grand (2-30 to 3-00 hrs)
Grand show with world’s most amazing illusions like Houdini box, Chair vanish, Zig Zag boy, Cutting lady in half, Bamboo and air levitation, Ghost Dance & many more. Riding blindfolded bike is attraction. Troup of 12 -15 amazing light effects, digital Music spectacular sets will keep you stunned.

Type B: Magic Show –Supreme (2-00 hrs)
Similar show with some of the above illusions for those who have time constraints. Again troup of 10-12,amazing light effects, Digital Music and spectacular sets to add with. Watch magic for your lifetime.

Type C: Magic Show –Shine (2-00 hrs)
Another gem with troup of 2-3, Special lights and digital music having highlights like telepathy, sword through neck, Guillotine, some thing from nothing, Bill reformation, Hypnotism, sack mystery and many more.
Various costumes and glamour to some of the best illusions  Amazing choice with less set up time for festivals, occasions and international performances.

Type D: Magic Show –Classic (1-00 to 1-30 hrs)
Cost saver with some of the tricks from shine category is also a perfect choice for various occasions, conferences and festivals. Smart choice to balance between cost and time. A show that will ask you to hold your breath

Type E: Magic Show –Superb (45 min)
Small package perfect to have fun at birthdays and parties blended with some of the cool magic tricks.45 minutes to change your world.

Type F: Magic Camps-Fun to learn (Age 7-85 yrs)
We are teaching you what we are best at. With two masters on your side and combination of Raghuvir Enterprises & American Academy of Magic you can learn basic and advance courses in just few days. Along with special tips, boost your confidence; enhance your concentration & communication

Type G: Magic Apparatus- Excellent Quality (Affordable Price)
For all magic lovers and magicians we sell variety of apparatus from small handy tricks to Stage Illusions like Houdini box,Zig Zag,Cutting in halfs etc.

Type H: Event Management
Along with magic we can also engage you with various other acts like caricatures, cartoon characters, stage decorations, flower arrangements, tattoo makers, DJs, caters from cities best.
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